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Dallas Observer June 2020

DSO Soluna Festival 2017


"the thing that i dug so much about hearing you play is that there is like a certain touch when you hit the string right and the bass kind of says...'bowwwww'. and like if you hit it too hard it doesn't happen and if you hit it too soft it doesn't happen, and last night it kept sounding like 'bowwwwwww' and i was like hell yeah that sounds ****ing good' 

-Sam Damask

"I'd never heard such a bizarre cello solo and been so satisfied in my life!"

Enthusiastic Man at Gig
Born and raised in East Dallas, attended Arts Magnet 'til Junior Year, graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy in '06 and attended Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory from '06-'10. I play cello, bass, keyboard, synth, percussion, vocal chords, and I'm a composer and producer (Ableton). Hi!